Please don’t Text and Drive – It’s Creepy!

It often happens that when i went to a restaurant or a friends place where the network is bad, it irritates the hell out of me. The reason being very simple, i cannot connect with anyone, the network goes out and i start feeling lonely in the crowd. We all understand the harmful consequences of getting addicted to ones own cellphones but we still do. and the worst amongst it is texting and driving which is my “all the time: habit.

this morning, while checking my Facebook account i stumbled on this video link.

I request you all to take few minutes out of your life and do see this once. It definitely has changed my perspective and has scared me for henceforth. I would be avoiding all the texting habits while driving. Cellphones have become so inextricably woven into our daily lives that we fail to look at the worst consequences that lies ahead of it.

Liz was beautiful and a simple text changed her life forever. Her same friends that loved hanging out with her changed their attitudes because of that scar on her face.

Take Care Buddies

The saddest word – “Goodbye”

It totally came to my mind after reading Rob’s post on biding his colleague a final goodbye and how music connected them. Goodbyes are bad for one and all, they are painful, and they take a part of you away from yourself. This is something to ponder about. And what if you have to bid adieu to someone you would never see again. This is often the sad side of meeting new people.

Back during my graduation days I had to bid a final goodbye to my best friend from America. It was a depressing feeling and I was despairing at the looming loneliness for months to come thinking about what lies ahead. That is the main reason I avoid getting very close to people. Those “Keep in touch” are not enough and with the time their sustainability often decreases with time. I met few new people at a wedding recently and got close to one and then it was the time for a goodbye. This is the reason I shed more tears than adventures while meeting new people. When you have to say goodbye to the amazing people you meet along your journey, and it’s a day that always seems to come too soon, trust me! I hate that feeling.

It’s often incredible how quickly you build a bond with people you meet along in your journey. There is often something connecting two individuals. Like Rob and his colleague had music, I and my graduation friend had our similar way of living and thinking out of the box, with a recent new friend it was curiosity bonding us. To get along with them so well that you choose to be with them for a while is something rare and amazing. Of course there is always Skype, Facebook, or good old e-mail to keep in touch, but it’s never the same. Hence, how bitter goodbyes truly are. I have come to a conclusion that we Indians are more emotional than the rest of the world coz’ whenever I bid a goodbye, at times I have noticed that only I feel bad and not the other person. They all seem to be too cool with it. It was a lump in my throat, the sting of tears in my eyes being wiped by a friend who accompanied, and a very real ache in my heart when I gave that final hug and wish that person safe travels

Will I ever manage to see that American guy from New York again? That Spanish girl from Madrid and the curious special boy from Germany? Will our paths cross somewhere down the road?

I recently had a fight with a friend from a part of Europe. We were so much connected and a little seed of misunderstanding and bitter arguments resulted into the end of a beautiful friendship. Probably I decided to end it all this time coz’ it was getting worse with time. There are different types of goodbyes and all are equally painful. The worst goodbye was the one that left such a strong impact on me that I am archiving the entire thing in my next book. All the real time conversations and events.

Am I Charlie? The Problem of maintaining a moderate view


A refreshing piece on much going debate “Je Suis Charlie”

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‘Je suis Charlie’I am Charlie – is the rallying call in Europe and even around the world but … am I Charlie? Can I really identify with the men who died and what they stood for? And if not, then who do I identify with?

We were all, quite understandably, shocked and appalled by the massacre at Charlie Hebdo and the subsequent murders which took place in Paris. Every form of media outlet was awash with stories, claims, opinions and debates and the social media busied itself with endless shares of cartoons from around the world. Overnight #JeSuisCharlie became a household term and the largest march of solidarity in French history took to the streets of Paris joined by many of the world’s most important people.

No one, to my knowledge, is condoning the attacks (bar the rants of radical extremists)but the sound of reason is certainly being…

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The new Charlie Hebdo cover: what does it mean?

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Several readers sent me the new cover of Charlie Hebdo (CH), which I reproduce below. It shows a tearful Muhammad holding a sign that says (in translation) “I am Charlie”—the motto taken up by many after the murders—along with the header “Tout est pardoné”: “Everything is forgiven.” The new print run, instead of being the usual 60,000, will be 50 times that—3 million copies, and in 16 languages. I don’t suppose the murderers anticipated that their thuggery would revive and popularize a financially ailing publication.

Curiously, the cover drawing came from an article in the newspaper USA Today which, like many publications cowed by fear of Muslim wrath, notes this:

USA TODAY traditionally does not show images of Mohammed to avoid offending Muslim readers. But the magazine cover has enough news value to warrant its publication in this case.

Yeah, right. The Danish Jyllands-Posten cartoons or the Charlie Hebdo covers that prompted the murders didn’t…

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Not all those who wander are lost

I was 7 or may be when I realized that everything has an end. It was after knotty died. I cried my eyes out coz’ knotty was dear to me. Knotty was a black cocker spaniel and my family dog whom I adored. I grew up playing with her, climbing on her back, and kissing her while she licked me back. I would always be thankful to god for sending me to an animal lover family, indeed that made me an avid animal lover as well as throughout my life I have been able to maintain and understand the dignity of every souls that exist around us.

Coming back to the point, it was back then I realized that everything that is born has an end. Later on when I got two gold fishes (tiny and sally) even they left me after some 8 months of being besides my bed. I loved seeing them swim. As I grew up, I became more and more aware about my time. Time was indeed running out and when I looked at myself I felt I was wasting it all. I had to make my life worthwhile. I started writing poetry when I was 10 and at the age of 12, my poetry was selected at third position in “London poetry competition”. That time I was a child and I had very less things to worry about and at the same time poetry helped me to express myself in a beautiful way which I could not have done otherwise. It all came naturally. I never took the professional training in writing but I started scribbling my thoughts and that gave me solace.

Later on when I grew up, I was surrounded by different problems and worries like every other teenage girl. I made many wrong decisions and during that time writing acted as a coping mechanism. Things I could not share with anyone or things I wanted to speak out loud were on the paper. I made stories inspired from real life incidents. I am still struggling with my writings and I am not the best but with every story I write, I try and improve. While writing my stories I have to think hard about what the actual situation was and I made all the efforts to keep the story as original as possible. This is how I started writing books. I have grown up reading Sidney Sheldon and hardy boys, Later on Jeffery Archer and Donna Tart were on my shelves. Slowly and gradually I shifted to Paulo Coelho and he is the only author whose book touched my soul from within. I almost cried while reading “Veronica Decides to Die”. A lot of my writing style is like him. Shirley Jackson has been my role model since past 4 years. Like her, my tales are morbid and filled with pain.

WordPress was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I met so many authors here and some of them write amazing. I learn from every blog I read. I made friend here and some of them turned out to be my best friends wherein our friendship extended outside WordPress. Zee, Charly, Richard, LAuran, Ken Powell, Jason, Rob, John, Autumn, and Cecilia to name a few. I have spoken to them, laughed with them and in the end created wonderful stories with them.

When I started writing for “Chords of Life”, I never thought I would publish it. The trend of short stories is somewhat decreasing but still I write coz’ all these were the true tales of people I have met. Sharing stories and penning down real life incidences stretched my happiness beyond what I could have done it otherwise.

When I was small, my favorite place in the world was CROSSWORD, the largest book store chain of India. The scent of fresh paper and ink, the sound of swapping the book pages, the sight of shelves stacked with amazing books in front of me was like a heaven for me. For me, happiness was the smell of new book and I sat and read books for hours. There have been times when I have been so much involved in reading that I actually fell in love with a fictional character. I did fall in love with “Werner – the German boy” while reading “All the light we cannot see”. For me books are uniquely portable magic.

Today, when I see my own book on their shelves trust me it gives me a kind of feeling I cannot express. I still have a long way to go but this little achievement has been so special that I almost cried. I had nostalgia for like 1 minute standing in front of that shelf. I was alone standing there looking at my book with no one to share that moment but still it was wonderful. I picked a copy from the shelf and sat at the same place where I always did as a child. This time I was scanning through the pages of my own book.



That book in top right corner – “Chords of Life” by Kruti Mehta

If you all would like to have a copy of my book, it is available on AMAZON

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I Found Someone Better than You

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How can someone say “I love you” and then leave without saying good bye? How can someone say “I want to spend the rest of my life with you” and then not talk to you for days? How can someone say “You are the only one I want” and then goes on with his life like you do not exist at all? And then, when you move on and find someone better, he says he wants you back?

Sometimes when someone just suddenly goes AWOL in our lives, we cannot help but over think about the relationships we are in. We cannot help but wonder if that person we love also love us the same way we do. We are curious and we eagerly want to know whether how they feel for us is way better and stronger than how we do for them. Oftentimes we question ourselves, “Are…

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