The Beauty of Inter-Country Marriages


Have you ever thought what the most beautiful type of marriage is? For me it’s the cross culture wedding. It brings all together new experiences and eye opening exciting conditions. Also they have their share of hardships and miscommunications as well. It involves two people raised in completely different background and trust me it’s not easy but it’s beautiful. Such relations have special moments which allow people to appreciate each other.

Here’s my list of what makes it beautiful:

Expressing love in different languages
Not understanding everything that’s happening on the other end still feeling special
Talking endlessly on your culture
Tasting a new dish (Cuisine)
A serious conversation on conflicting ideologies ending in “I still love you”
Celebrating new and good times
Experiencing cultural idiosyncrasies
Imagining how the kids would look like
Travelling new places together
You are never bored of each other, there’s so much to know

After all, life is all about adventures, and living beautifully. Here’s a beautiful song, probably many of you won’t understand the language but has a beautiful inter country love story :) You should watch it, the story is easy to understand :)




Great Expectation – Week’s Writing Challenge

So here’s my reply to the week’s writing challenge on Daily Post

Expectations are something within us and however we try, we won’t be able to eliminate it from our lives.

“You are most powerful when you are most silent. People never expect silence. They expect words, motion, defense, offense, back and forth. They expect to leap into the fray. They are ready, fists up, words hanging leaping from their mouths. Silence? No.”
― Alison McGhee, All Rivers Flow To The Sea

So here’s what I expect from this life, some crazy dreams, some funny wishes and lots of love:

I want my husband to buy me a “Walk in Library” and not a “Walk in Closet”









I want my dog to live as long as I live







I want to meet my bloghearts (My blog buddies), they motivate me, they talk to me when I am down, they read my crazy stuff and I simply love them.







I want to be a famous author ;) (Common, I am not that bad)








I want to meet that boy across the oceans, to tell him, I love you so much






I want snowfall in India







I want a house full of dogs and cats (Who needs a husband then ;))

house of dogs







I want to be a vampire (This is what happens when you see a lot of vampire movies :-/)








I wanna grow up once again

grow up






Wanna go back to school :’)








I guess that’s enough for the day, still the list continues and it includes some of the weirdest wishes like going to Hogwarts, understand the language of animals etc.

Expectations never end, but more and more expectations causes regrets. To expect is not bad, to over-expect can harm. In order to reach high one needs to dream big, and to dream big, one needs to expect a lot.

Keep Expecting :)





Either you die, or so do I

eye will not cry – We had a deal, i had to write a poem inspired by hers/his (oops i still don’t know that), So here’s my TRY!!

evilangelShe acted sweet

She got me in the moment of heat

She knew my weakness

She got me in the moment of quickness

A dangerous lie, hidden in her pretty face

I fell in love, with the lady’s hidden grace

Looking back to those days

I curse myself for the foolish takes

Now I have only one thing in mind

Either you die, or so do i

Hiring a henchman

I wish to get you killed

Burying you deep in the soil

I wish you rot in the hell

Now i have only one thing in my mind

Either you die, or so do i

Thinking of those lie, I say to myself

You believed in those lies, you did it to yourself

Oh yes! I was stupid

I thought you were splendid

Until I saw a devil

Deep in your pretty angel eyes

Now i have only one thing in my mind

Either you die, or so do i

If the henchman fails

I promise myself I won’t fail

If I don’t get you killed

I promise myself I will be free

From your evil grin

From your deceptive smile

I will fly away

In the angel arms

Now i have only one thing in my mind

Either you die, or so do i












Eating away the beauty of United States – Child Sexual Abuse

A few months back, i shared post on Cyber Bullying – The ugly world of Social Media and yesterday Mr.Theodore Jerome Cohen emailed me after landing on my blog during his research. There have been many updates after the last draft i posted and i am glad that Mr. Cohen, an engineer and scientist for more than forty-five years, an investor for more than fifty years and most recently, has focused on investigating and reporting on corruption in US financial institutions and agencies of the US government, shared some of his latest insights on the case.


“For a modern society, the statistics on child sexual abuse in the United States not only are staggering but also abhorrent. According to the US Department of Justice’s National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW),[1] 33% of sexual assaults occur when the victim is between the ages of 12 and 17. Importantly, 82% of all juvenile victims of sexual abuse are female, with about one in five female high school students reporting physical and/or sexual abuse by a dating partner. Even more distressing is the fact that teens 16 to 19 years of age were three-and-one-half times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault.
Anyone who has followed the day-to-day news in the US and Canada should not be surprised by these statistics. The media has put real names to the numbers . . . names such as Daisy Colemen of Maryville, Missouri, who, after accusing a high school senior of sexual assault and was bullied, was hospitalized after a suicide attempt Or Rehtaeh Parsons from Halifax, Nova Scotia, who after allegedly being gang-raped and bullied, was hospitalized after she tried to hang herself on April 4, 2013. She was taken off life support three days later. Colman and Parsons were not alone. According to, numerous rape victims have suicidal thoughts; many die by suicide.[2]
Nor do the living escape their tormenters. With 90% of teens and young adults online, the potential for abuse is significant, especially with the greater majority of those having a profile on a social network. In fact, nearly 80% of teens send and receive photos and videos online, some almost certainly pornographic. Nude selfies are not uncommon, with revenge porn—defined as sexually explicit media that are publicly shared online without the consent of the pictured individual[3]—becoming increasingly common. The Internet always was a dangerous neighborhood; with time it has become more so, and more toxic, as well.
I don’t know if child sexual abuse has yet reached what the US and other health authorities might consider ‘epidemic proportions.’ But I do know I am seeing an increasing number of cases in the newspaper, on television, and on the Internet, among other media, where young women are assaulted and raped, are subsequently harassed, and bullied by their attackers and/or peers, and in some cases, are driven to suicide. And the pity of it is, for many of these victims, there is no justice.
This novel is an attempt to shine a spotlight on the problem of teen rape.
Though many may see it as another Detective Louis Martelli, NYPD ‘ripped from the headlines’ mystery/thriller, know it is fiction through and through . . . the characters, the crimes, the dialogue, everything. It’s a fabrication. But still, this is an important story if for no other reason than to raise awareness of a scourge that is harming our children, the most precious part of our lives.”
Theodore Jerome Cohen
March 1, 2014

[1] [See this reference for additional references to the statistics cited.]



When a wealthy Wall Street commodity futures trader is found dead in his townhouse of an apparent drug overdose, Deputy Coroner Michael Antonetti, NYPD, is suspicious. Antonetti tells Detective Louis Martelli he suspects what appears to be a suicide may in fact be murder. After a similar case is discovered involving a former friend of the Wall Street trader who played on the same high school football team almost twenty years earlier, Martelli is convinced he is dealing with someone bent on revenge. But the two teammates who ostensibly committed suicide were part of an elite three-man squad known as The Flying Horsemen. This convinces Martelli there will be a third victim. But who might it be, and could the killings have anything to do with the rape and suicide of some of the men’s former high school classmates? The answers will be found in this mystery/thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

The book was released on March 20, 2014, and has received a number of 5-STAR reviews

Grab a copy here
About Dr. Cohen and his Books


From December 1961 through early March 1962, Dr. Cohen participated in the 16th Chilean Expedition to the Antarctic. The US Board of Geographic Names in October, 1964, named the geographical feature Cohen Islands, located at 63° 18′ S. latitude, 57° 53′ W. longitude in the Cape Legoupil area, Antarctica, in his honor. Dr. Cohen’s Antarctic Murders Trilogy describes what happened following a robbery of the Banco Central de Chile in Talcahuano in May, 1960. The robbery and the events that took place primarily between May 1960 and March 1962, are described in Frozen in Time: Murder at the Bottom of the World (Book I). Unfinished Business: Pursuit of an Antarctic Killer (Book II) reveals the events that unfolded between March 1962 and March 1965. End Game: Irrational Acts, Tragic Consequences (Book III) takes place in 1965 and resolves most, but not all, of the issues raised in the series.

Dr. Cohen’s first novel, Full Circle: A Dream Denied, A Vision Fulfilled, which is based on his life as a violinist, was published in 2009. Dr. Cohen at one time was a violinist with the Bryn Athyn (PA) Orchestra and particularly enjoys the music of Gustav Mahler.

Finally, Dr. Cohen has published more than 400 papers, articles, columns, essays, and interviews, and is a co-author of The NEW Shortwave Propagation Handbook (from CQ Communications).

Dr. Cohen served in the US Army Corps of Engineers from March 1966 through March 1968, leaving the service with the rank of Captain.

A Fairytale







Trees were green, flowers bloom

Lily was shining, standing on the shore

Amber blue dress, Lilac eyes

Shiny hands, with pink hue cheeks

Lily was shining, beautiful As ever

Waiting for the prince, to come there forever

Trees were green, flowers bloom

Weathers change, with a smile so cute

Lily was shining, cuddling her pet

Curly hair, bouncing back again

Weather was dark, Lily was scared

A giant came, from his den

Prince was nowhere, Lily kept waiting

Giant was growling, Lily was fainting

Lily lost the shining, she was sad

Her wait had ended, no prince till the end

There was a “crack”, standing was the prince

Lily was shining, back in his arms

Giant was killed, with a little diamond sword


Constant Change

kruti 1

People and seasons

Have something in common

They stay for a while

And change their style

It hurts, it bothers

It tears me apart

Sweet talks, long calls

Rude replies, long wait

Change is bad

Change is fearful

It creates a challenge

A change in attitude

You changed your path

You chose the trend

I waited there

Till the end

I will never forget

I will always remember

Amidst the laughter

You made me cry

You came in my life

You made me happy

You called me a princess

Deluding me in stress

“Grief does not change you, Hazel. It reveals you.”
― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars




The Shipwreck


I look at those wrecks

Full of cracks

Once ruled the ocean

Lies in the trash

A shinny iron anchor

Now rusty and old

It once graced the ship

Now lie as debris

Long back in time

It carried the king

Full of people

Princess and her friends

Once loved by all

Now has no friends

I look at those wrecks

I think to myself

Are we like those wrecks?

When time almost ends

I look at the ocean

Deep blue water

It once clasped the ship

Slowly gulping it

Are we like the ship?

Happy while we are young

No one to remember

When the days about to border









There are her little eyes upon you

She is watching you day and night

There are her little ears upon you

Taking  in every word you say

There are her little hands upon you

Eager to do anything you do

And a little girl

Dreaming of a day

She will be like you


Found it written in a heart shaped paper lying in the bottom of my drawer, must be few years old