You Old People, You’re Boring…REALLY???

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by Kenneth Justice

~ Last week President Obama gave a speech in which he finished up his remarks with an observation about old people, “And, by the way, the older people here, as wise and as respected as you may be: your stuff is often boring. Compared to what they’re doing” he said.

There is nothing really new or special about the President’s statement, the story of humanity has always enveloped a theme of older people becoming stale and irrelevant, while younger people want whatever is new and hip.

Unfortunately, a society in which the young people become disenfranchised from the older people, is a culture that will eventually suffer. After all, to borrow the colloquialism, we all know there is nothing new under the sun, and there is no use in reinventing the wheel. And when young people become disconnected from their elders this is the very…

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….if you’re a woman in India

India is indeed beautiful; the scenery, the culture, colors and so many people of different caste and creed living together. But indeed the people of this country make it all look so ugly, their thoughts, actions and behavior speaks it all. A country where people believe their men to be men and women; well, they are meant to be in kitchen, always keep the voice low coz they cannot express their thoughts and it’s against their rights, blame them for everything, and consider them as an object they can mishandle and misbehave with, and still have their way

It clearly reflects the sad state of women in our country. We might think that we’re all changing with the times, but truth be told, we’re really not. And let’s not even get started on the fact that so, so many rapes and murders get unreported on a daily basis because women are scared, or threatened, or lack courage to speak for themselves as society would not let them live at peace. It’s nothing but ironic that while we worship goddesses with devotion and respect in our hearts, the real woman has no place here. If that isn’t saddening, nothing else will be.

We have observed a fair share of black days in humanity before, but I would simply end by saying that every day is a black day for humanity if you’re a woman in India.


Did you?

do u see my eyes when i cry coz i feel alone, do you see me snuggling a soft toy coz i need a pet and you never cared about the same, do you see that i am trying to adjust with your parents but i am not able to coz we have a huge age gap, do you realize that i have been brought up in a completely different environment and to leave it behind is not easy, do you realize that i love traveling and you never encouraged!

Life is short and we get it just once! Do you care making it memorable??

Do you have a SECRET? Come on Bloggers, this is worth doing

Each one of us do, i am sure about it. Funny, weird, dark or may be hilarious. We all have secrets, a kind which we wont share with anyone, not even our best friends. I definitely have such. They create butterfly in my stomach whenever i think about it.Those were my Do or Die moments

I read this somewhere:

Recent work demonstrates that harboring secrets influences perceptual judgments and actions. Individuals carrying secrets make judgments consistent with the experience of being weighed down, such as judging a hill as steeper and judging distances to be farther. In the present article, two studies examined whether revealing a secret would relieve the burden of secrecy. Relative to a control condition, thinking about a secret led to the judgments of increased hill slant, whereas revealing a secret eliminated that effect. Additionally, relative to a control condition, thinking about a secret led to judgments of increased distance, and again, revealing a secret eliminated that effect . Sharing secrets with others might relieve the perceived physical burden from secrecy.

And then i found something online :)Sketch Your Secrets and i really loved the idea inspired from Frank Warren.


We all have secrets, happy, sad and dark that we do not share with anyone. Some secrets are buried deep inside the human soul and they never come out. Such are the secrets that are “not meant to be shared” and are often coiled in the heart.

Sharing secrets definitely HELPS!!!

Sketch Your Secrets allows you to share your secret without telling others who you are. It gives you freedom to speak out  anything under the sky, something that you could not have said otherwise.

Now is the time to relieve the burden of Secrets off your shoulder without letting the world know you wrote it, yet sharing it with them. Soon you will realize that you are not alone and everyone has a deep, dark, scary, or beautiful secrets.

How to send them secret?

We want to ensure you that your identity would be 100% secret and hence we have created a user email id for you all. Use this email id to send us your secret cards and that way even we wont know who you are!!!!

Does that make sense? :)

Sketch Your Secrets is an online community to share Secrets Anonymously. We are eagerly waiting for your  cards. Sketch it, paint it, design it, or use a postcard, do whatever you want and just let it out of your self and get relieved. Scan it or take a picture and we are sure that is going to make you smile big.

Here’s the details:


Password: SketchySecrets@123

Send your cards to

So what i am saying is I AM TRYING THIS OUT :) and i would like to invite you all to this new portal and participate afterall that’s what we all blog pals are for, helping each other, growing together. I did speak to this wonderful girl handling the blog and she is really excited to start this thing. I promised her my extended support to help her meet new people here who can be a part of her exciting project that has just one goal – SPREAD SMILES.

I really like such individuals who do something creative instead of wasting time like many i know. I have few friends here, whenever i talk to them my IQ level suddenly drops down by 10%. yes!! i am not kidding coz they are like total waste of life. Sometime i feel they should just donate their organs to people out there with dreams and aspirations and lack f resources. Yesterday wen i stumble upon this girl’s facebook page i dropped her a message and she replied within 15 minutes and then i got an opportunity to interact with her and know her exact idea behind this project and trust me she is a wonderful girl with a beautiful goal through this project.

For those on Facebook can find here page here 

So guys, lets all try this and also spread it across your friends for her. Also you can reblog this post and get the idea floating :)

Love you all

A tour to the Blogland – Know the AVID BLOGGERS

First of all I am very much thankful to my wonderful friend and a very talented Author Erika Kind for taking me through a TOUR TO THE BLOGLAND. This is indeed a beautiful idea to let the world and other bloggers know about some amazing blogs on WordPress and introducing them to your reader base. She is an inspiring writer with a wonderful book which I suggest you all should immediately grab a copy.

Now to the simple rules regarding the tour:

  1. Pass the tour on to up to four other bloggers. Give them the rules and a specific Monday to post.(I will do this at the end of the post, so please have patience.)
  2. Answer four questions about your creative process which lets other bloggers and visitors know what inspires you to do what you do:
  • What am I working on at the moment? At the moment I am working full time as a social worker trying to do something for humans as well as Animals. I am working full time for humans but we do not have much organizations serving animals as hence I am trying to do my best with whatever resources I have.
  • How does my work differ to others in my genre? My friends here on WordPress often has a question for me whenever I write a story “Kruti why??”. The reason being very simple. I write dark tales and unusual stories that are a bit on darker side. That is how my genre differs from others. Also in both the books I wrote I followed a unique pattern of my own. Every chapter of my first novel was followed by a poem that indicated what was going to happen next and in second book, collection of short stories, every short story was followed by a poem defining the emotion of that story. 

Link to both the book on side panel of my blog :) 

  • Why do I write/create what I do? I was 7 or may be when I realized that everything has an end. It was after knotty died. I cried my eyes out coz’ knotty was dear to me. Knotty was a black cocker spaniel and my family dog whom I adored. I grew up playing with her, climbing on her back, and kissing her while she licked me back. I would always be thankful to god for sending me to an animal lover family, indeed that made me an avid animal lover as well as throughout my life I have been able to maintain and understand the dignity of every souls that exist around us. READ MORE
  • How does my writing/creative process work? I normally wrote stories that are real or are inspired form real incidents and doing so the emotions and the flow of the story happens naturally. Also I  need a very silent place where my thoughts are not distracted by world and that brings out the best in me. A book writing holiday is what I would always prefer though it haven’t taken any but I would love to do that in future.
  1. And then write a one-time article which is to be posted on a Monday, (the date supplied by your nominator). (This article can be in the same post in which you answered the 4 questions.

I am a story teller and hence I would tell you a tale that is inspired from SHIRLEY JACKSON TALES who’s my role model and I just adore whatever she has written:


The publishing date for my nominees is February 16. Why did I choose them? Because their stories and tellings touched me, because they have something important to tell, and because we can learn a lot from them. Here they come:


Please don’t Text and Drive – It’s Creepy!

It often happens that when i went to a restaurant or a friends place where the network is bad, it irritates the hell out of me. The reason being very simple, i cannot connect with anyone, the network goes out and i start feeling lonely in the crowd. We all understand the harmful consequences of getting addicted to ones own cellphones but we still do. and the worst amongst it is texting and driving which is my “all the time: habit.

this morning, while checking my Facebook account i stumbled on this video link.

I request you all to take few minutes out of your life and do see this once. It definitely has changed my perspective and has scared me for henceforth. I would be avoiding all the texting habits while driving. Cellphones have become so inextricably woven into our daily lives that we fail to look at the worst consequences that lies ahead of it.

Liz was beautiful and a simple text changed her life forever. Her same friends that loved hanging out with her changed their attitudes because of that scar on her face.

Take Care Buddies