The relevance of Kawasi Hidme’s unheard story by Sushmita Verma (Art by Sushmita)

Kruti Mehta:

This made me Cry today

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Being an adivasi, a woman and being born in a region desired by greedy multi national companies does not serve one well. That is the story of Hidme and many more like her in the regions of Bastar, Chattisgarh. Kawasi Hidme was a young girl, full of energy from Borguda village in Sukma, Bastar region. She helped her widowed aunt till a small piece of land. The rice grown was just enough for them and Hidme would, during the season, sell Mahua in the local market. Like every girl of her age, she would be excited about the occasional fairs from where she can buy colourful bangles and other items which were otherwise not available in the local market.

In January 2008 just after harvest, as in previous years, a fair was organised in Ramram, the nearby village. Kawasi accompanied her aunt and her other cousin sisters to the fair…

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Its all in the mind

First of all, this is going to be my first attempt on trying to post here through phone. I normally only reply to only comments from here as typing from phone causes 1000000 typos :p Nevermind, i am gonna try this today.

For those who read my blog regularly, if you remember i did post a story on stupid religious beliefs in India and had mentioned a flower market. Today again i was in the same market at 7 am. Highly crowded but a beautiful place, why beautiful? Well you can see flowers of all shapes and sizes around. That smell of fresh roses is still in my nose and most importantly, the hospitable people.

Flower market of Ahmedabad, Gujarat is run entirely by a community which India hates, MUSLIMS! Why we hate them, i have no clue. Trust me there’s a lot more to hate in the world then theae people coz’ i find them totally beautiful and very hostile. They form the minority in this country while we are the majority and right from our childhood are taught to hate them.

Yeah! I am not kidding. The seeds of hatred are so deeply sowed in our minds that we are scared of them. A few like me break those barriers and have close relationa with them. I had muslim friends in school and college and infact my very first assistant was a muslim girl. Still remember her, very adorable and hardworking.

Today also when i stepped in the market, the man with the most hostile smile helped me out decide the flower bouquet for my sister who just won Masterchef India season 4 :) . His name was Badshah (thats how people around him addressed him) and he handed me a flower (name i dont know) asking me to keep in the house as the fragrance would spread across.

Whenever i go to that place the sad reality of my country haunts me. We all are good with each other and we all like each other. There is no hate within us but is often influenced on us. Think about it. Are we what we are or what we are being made by influences around us?

Ps: forgive me for all typos :)